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Travel Assistant App - TLAK

Just creating a trip for the customers isn’t enough, to guarantee that the trip is smooth you need a flawless association of their travel schedule. Along these lines, The TLAK application specially designed for travel agencies to streamline the whole travel process, making it simpler and enchant customers with the best service possible. TLAK is the travel companion app for your travellers. TLAK makes it simpler for travellers to arrange their travel plans on the go. In a clamouring schedule of the trip, it is imperative to have a constant reminder of the itinerary, flight timings, and other things which ensure that the trip goes easily. The application gives an exact reminder of the travel schedule, a detailed day-wise itinerary, the hotel reservations, driver details, and significantly more and live communication with the travel business owner or the trip organizer. TLAK makes it simple for you and your travellers to sort out their arrangements anyplace and anytime.

TLAK is an application for anyone in the travel business who wants to succeed and wants to see their business grow. This is the quintessential application which gives you the ability to create and manage a tour from the beginning to the end and even after that you can reach out to your customers when the tour has ended. It will help you in reducing time and Manpower spent in managing the travel process. You can create destinations, add all the passengers, upload the travel documents and a whole lot of features that you can benefit from when you use TLAK.

The Importance of Mobile App

Mobile applications have come as a rescuer for organizations to captivate their clients. The TLAK Mobile App helps you to broaden your business, client care and promoting your own brand through our platform where you can woo your clients. We comprehend this prerequisite and thus, we have a committed group of experts for mobile application improvement for travel business. TLAK gives you the unique ability to manage and handle all the travel processes at the same place. With the mobile application which is available on Android as well as iOS, you can keep your customers engaged at all times.

Some of TLAK’s Main Features

Any person using a Travel App would want it to be elementary to use but also should provide as features and services that are imperative that the same time. With the TLAK App now your customers can benefit from features like detailed everyday itineraries which include all the information about the activities that will be taking place every day. An interactive map allows the passengers to search and find information about the Point-of-interests that they will be visiting. Worried about the weather? Now the passengers can even check the weather for the duration of their journey in the mobile app itself.

What makes TLAK different from other travel apps is the fact that you can you as our platform to showcase your own brand to all your travelers which gives it a very personalized touch.

Keeping Your Clients Engaged

The feature of group chats all of the passengers to share pictures and videos with other passengers which they can share on social networking platforms directly and it also allows them to get in contact with the tour organizer or the travel agents if they want to.

It also allows you to get in touch with the passengers as the push notifications feature gives you the power to send out notifications on your own or you can schedule the notifications.

Access of All Travel Related Documents in One Place

One of the best features about the TLAK is that your travellers can access their documents whenever they want to, right on their mobile devices. It saves from the hassle of carrying paper documents all the time, which isn’t convenient. Once saved on the device they can even be accessed offline. These travel documents will include the flight tickets and information, the hotel reservations and info about the hotel and also the visa along with other documents, so this is something that will definitely be very handy and every customer will find this feature immensely helpful.

The TLAK application allows the customers to save their time and helps them in getting organized and Delight them.

• Offer access to the itineraries and travel plans on mobile devices, which eliminates the need to carry paper documents.

• Send updates and alerts for trip plans and day-wise travel plans.

• Save time as travellers can get all the subtleties at a single place without trying reaching the trip organizer.

This is why TLAK is one of the best travel business applications available in the market which can definitely save your travel business the necessary boost or the right start. The TLAK application is easy to use as you have people traveling in all the age groups, and you don’t have to be tech savvy to use TLAK, then you can also provide all your clients with the best features available.

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