Travel Agent Software: How To Find The Best Tool For Your Business?

Travel Operation Management

Travel businesses perform a wide variety of tasks from managing flights, organizing info on tours such as destinations, tour guides, arrival and departure times, and so much more. This makes it much more difficult for many companies to identify the best software that could help them manage their operations effectively. All these functions could be performed with ease from a centralized platform using travel software. However, we can try to identify the best tool for your travel business by assessing the number of operations it can assist your business is performing. A Travel Agency Software can significantly reduce the hustle out of managing your Travel operations. There are several travel apps available but selecting the most suitable for your travel business can be determined primarily by the utility the travel app offers to your team as well as your clients.

How Can You Find The Best Tool For Your Travel Business?

We can determine the best app for your Travel Agency by considering some features which may be vital towards making your Travel Operations Management simple and convenient. The best tool for you should be able to facilitate some of the most common tasks in travel operations management which may include managing tours, creation of itineraries, communication, providing utility features to your clients such as maps and weather updates, among others. Let’s consider some core characteristics of a great travel agent software.

1. Simplicity in Getting Started

A good Travel Agent Software shouldn’t be too complex for you, your team or your clients to get started with. It should have a simple user-friendly interface and facilitate performing procedures such as sign up, uploading documents, and viewing itinerary with simplicity.

2. Manage Locations Efficiently

Destinations and departure locations need to be detailed down to the precise coordinates, this is crucial especially when working with a third party tour operator, to avoid any inconveniences. A great travel software and app should achieve just this. You should be able to map out locations with ease, add your Points of Interest (POI) and since tours are usually standard packages, you should be able to reuse the location data without having to create it again for a similar tour. Such a feature will enable your clients to have precise details of where the tours are going to take place. Maps can also be used to provide a better overview of tours as destinations can be better visualized.

3. Simplify The Management Of Tour Details

Several factors such as destinations, tour members, departure, and arrival times, among others need to be taken into consideration when organizing a tour. Travel software should enable you to manage all the aspects of a tour with ease. You should be able to set departure details and inclusions as well as destinations, manage tour members. All parties involved such as clients need to have access to relevant information such as flights, destinations and be able to manage the information which may affect them directly. For example, your clients need to be given privileges to manage their travel documents.

4. Facilitate The Creation Of Itinerary

Apart from managing departures and destinations, a good tool should also enable you to provide travelers with a detailed schedule of the journey. Travel software should also enable you to keep the itinerary up to date. The software should also enable some degree of customization such as adding images to make the itinerary more appealing to your clients.

5. Manage Travelers

You need software that can enable you to manage travellers for each tour. Travellers may sometimes withdraw from a tour and therefore, this information needs to be easy to manage. An ideal travel software should enable you to add travellers at any time and keep the list up-to-date. Travellers should also be provided with means to communicate with the Administration and alert them in case of an emergency through the app.

6. Keep Track of Flights and Hotels

Your clients need to be informed of the status of their flights and hotel bookings. Due to the unpredictable nature of flights with frequent delays and sometimes cancellations, an ideal travel app should be able to track flight information in real-time, as well as manage info on hotel bookings. Flight tickets and other flight documents also need to be availed to your client through an app.

7. Automate Notifications

Notifying your clients of departures, flights, or any other events a few hours would count as a great feature. This would enable them to prepare in advance and it would contribute towards a reduction in delayed departures as clients are sometimes caught unaware.

8. Account For Travel Documents

A travel app should enable managing of travel documents. A lot of documents such as flight tickets, hotel vouchers, and bus tickets are encountered through the process of planning and executing tours and travels. A travel app should facilitate the upload of documents such as flight tickets among other travel documents. Your clients can then conveniently download them from wherever they are. Having these documents in a centralized location will make them easily accessible for future reference and ease of access by both you and your clients.

9. Delegate Authority And Responsibilities

Several people, such tour guides are involved in coordinating tours. A travel app should enable delegation of management duties to them so that they have access to and easily manage relevant information.

10. In-App Chat

Communication is necessary throughout travel with both clients and tour managers. An in-App chat makes this much convenient and feasible as your team and clients don’t have to worry about installing any other third-party software to facilitate the chat. With such a feature, clients can be able to communicate with tour managers much easily and make inquiries directly without having to go through the long route of contacting customer support then finally being linked to their tour admin. In-App chat can also create a great platform to enable your clients to communicate with each other if they may be joining each other for the same excursion.

11. Accessibility

The best tool for your travel business needs to be accessible. Accessibility implies a lot of things such as mobile device compatibility. Tours and travels consist of a series of activities and therefore you and your team may always be on the move. Offline functionality can also contribute to accessibility. A travel app should enable your clients to access sensitive documents such as bus tickets even while offline.

12. Facilitate Branding

When interacting with your clients, it is crucial that they can be able to easily identify and relate to your brand. Branding is important as it helps you build trust and credibility. Great travel software creates some room for branding. Your clients should be able to identify your business despite relying on third-party software.

13. Offers Weather Updates

Weather forecasts are probably among the factors that clients consider when selecting tours, and therefore most travelers are conscious of the weather, and being able to access such information through a travel app, will offer a great degree of convenience to your clients.

14. Facilitate Marketing

Every business should have the opportunity of making the most out of its interaction with its clients. A good travel agent app should enable you to propose additional offers to your clients, through marketing a variety of tours, or activities for them to explore, while ensuring your business remains profitable.

15. Trip Reviews

Clients usually have the desire to make the most out of their trip. A travel app that keeps track of trip reviews could help guide your client’s decisions as they select tours. This contributes to better customer satisfaction.

16. Social Media Integration

A great travel agent app should enable your clients to connect not only within but also with the outside world. Travel software that enables them to share their experiences through social media platforms would be great, not only for your clients but also for your business. A social feature such as email can also enable you to keep in touch with your clients after the tours. It can act as a great marketing avenue too, for promoting offers in the future.

17. Returns on Investment

Every business needs to maximize its returns on investment. An excellent travel app should be able to offer just this by being cost-effective, saving time, and resources in the long run.

Benefits of A Good Travel Agent Software

Here are some of the benefits you will obtain by selecting the best Software for your travel business:

1. Handle Unpredictability

Obtaining the best software for your travel agency will enable you to handle the unpredictable nature of travel, which is usually characterized by delays, cancellations early or late arrivals. A travel app should give you the flexibility of updating information in real-time, with some of those updates being fully automated. Real-time updates benefit not only your clients but also your agents and tour operators. With data on the current state of tours and other operations up to date, they can easily avoid wasting time and resources working on cancelled or delayed activities. This way, your human resource is conserved making their work much easier and enabling them to channel their efforts towards the urgent needs of your business.

2. Laptop or Mobile Operated

Mobility is essential for travel agents, therefore a desktop solution will greatly inconvenience your agents. A travel app can help them perform their duties even while on the move. This enables them to maximize on time, and conveniently work as smartphones are always accessible. A travel app is also the best way to reach out to your customers for mobile phones to have the largest market share among devices and this makes your business accessible to the entire sample space of clients.

3. Having an All in One Solution

The ability to have a centralized tool to manage all travel activities is an enticing offering to many clients. Your clients won’t need to worry about misplacing or forgetting documents like itinerary as they are digitally accessible. Communication is also made much simpler through a centralized platform. You can easily chat with tour officials remotely and get updates on the progress of tours. A centralized solution also enables you to manage data on both clients and tour operators, hence you can easily delegate administrative tasks. A single app also reduces the need for having to rely on several tools to work effectively. This can contribute towards a fast learning curve for both your team and clients making it much easier to conduct business.

4. Save on Cost and Time

Developing a travel app for your business could be a daunting task. Apps usually take several months to develop and cost a lot. With a customizable travel agent app like TLAK, you don’t have to worry about implementing real-time notifications, document storage, renting servers, and managing databases, among various other tasks. You also don’t need to hire a team of IT specialists to run your entire system. TLAK offers this out of the box. The other alternative would be using a host of software such as CRMs and project management tools. This solution will also not be cost-effective as you will need to spend money on several software subscriptions. With the TLAK app you get a cost-effective and time-saving solution, already implemented and you can therefore quickly get your business up and running.


The best software for your business should provide an all in one solution to your travel agency’s needs. There shouldn’t be a need to rely on a large number of software, such as CRMs, and project management tools, for you and your team to perform simple day to day tasks. With TLAK all the qualities of a good travel agent app are met and much more. Managing Travel operations involves many activities and attention to detail is required. The best travel agent software and app enables you and your team to be as detailed as possible and enjoy convenience giving you an opportunity to invest more time and resources towards offering the best quality of service to your clients.

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