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TLAK Tour Operations Management

Tour operations involve a wide variety of activities and components, combined to offer tailored tour packages to travellers. With all these components such as flights, hotel bookings, destinations, documents, and itineraries required, it is impossible to streamline the process of managing all these activities, without an app like the Travel Like A King App (TLAK). In this post, we take a look at how such an app could help streamline your tour operations process, by providing convenience for both you and your travellers. We will also take a detailed look at the different types of tour operations and how they can all benefit from TLAK.

Tour operations could be categorized into different types, which may slightly differ in terms of packages offered and also due to the nature of activities carried out. However, regardless of the nature of tour operations your travel agency engages in, you can be sure to benefit from the convenience offered by TLAK Travel Operations Management Software.

Inbound Tour Operators

Tour operators that are involved in receiving tourists from foreign countries. Activities that are carried out may include chartering flights, managing hotel reservations, organizing tours, and travel to several destinations such as parks, national heritage sites among other places, working with travel agencies, all within a given country, among others. With all these activities, a travel app could prove useful in ensuring that all the services are consolidated in a single platform, making them easily accessible and manageable for any teams involved and also for tourists.

Outbound Tour Operators

These tour operators offer packages for travel within other countries. They also have similar offers to inbound tour operators. However, the actual tours are carried out in other countries. A Travel app provides a great deal of convenience for them regardless of the distance through which they operate, they can provide a great experience for their travellers through the use of a travel app.

Domestic Tour Operators

They operate locally and mainly work with local tourists, organizing domestic travels. Domestic tour operators have the advantage of having the actual physical reach to many destinations as they operate locally. This enables them to provide very detailed additional info about tourist destinations.

Ground Operators

Destination management companies that commonly work together with outbound tour operators, as their representatives within a country. Ground operations require a great deal of coordination and a centralized platform such as an app could be very useful in managing tour information and keeping information up to date from both ends. Ground operators may greatly benefit from the ability to offer additional tours that the TLAK app provides. This marketing opportunity could provide an additional revenue source for ground operators, as the tours may not have been pre-planned when liaising with outbound tour operators (more on this in the section: Marketing). Let us take a look at how TLAK can streamline your tour operations, regardless of the nature of tour operations performed by your travel business.

Effective Planning: Create and Management of Itinerary

TLAK App enables you to create an itinerary that elegantly displays the pre-planned destinations, and activities to be performed at each site during the tours. You can easily update the itinerary, customize it by adding an image of the destination, and include additional information about each specific destination. With TLAK, you can also reuse an itinerary and therefore, won’t need to go through the hustle of creating a new one, for a similar tour. The itinerary will enable your travellers once they pay for the tour, to access detailed information about the destinations they will be visiting. Apart from the details about the tour, they can also see points of interest, which show the location of the destinations on a map. They can, therefore, get even more detailed information about the destination, as well as the surrounding, and therefore easily identify local restaurants, bars, or any other places they may be interested in.

Manage Travelers

The TLAK app enables you to conveniently manage info about travellers. You can also easily add or remove travellers at any time, and give them access to travel details once they sign in. The app offers a lot of control and flexibility when it comes to managing travellers.

Keep Track of Flights and Manage Hotels

It is imperative that your travellers stay updated with the status of flights and hotel reservations. To start with, TLAK can automatically track flight information in real-time. All this can be achieved by simply adding the airline code and flight number, and your travellers will receive an updated info on their scheduled flights. The app will show your travellers the real-time status of the flight 72-hour before departure. This can provide them with a great deal of convenience in planning for departure or arrival.

Apart from flights, you can also add data about hotel reservations for your travelers. Hotel names and addresses, features such as pools, Bar and lounge, list of fellow travelers, and location among other details. With such detailed information in a centralized location for your travelers, you will have offered an excellent quality of service to your travelers, and saved time which would otherwise be used up in making calls back and forth trying to update your travelers on bookings and reservations.

Manage Travel Documents

There are a lot of documents that are usually accumulated throughout the process of planning and organizing tours. Whether its flight tickets, bus tickets, hotel vouchers, or travel visas, the TLAK app can be used to conveniently manage all these documents for your travelers. This information could be useful during accounting of travel expenditure, and it also makes them directly accessible to your travelers at any time, and download them from wherever they are. The benefit of this is that they will then be able to access them even while offline, which they will be in most cases while on tour.


A lot happens during tours and both the tourists and your team could get caught up in the myriad of activities. With an app like TLAK, you could send automated notifications to your travellers at any time to keep them up to date on the status of tours, or alert them about any other information. The ability to send notifications, before events or activities could end up saving you time, by preventing delays, as a result of tourists forgetting the time activities a set to occur. It could also be a great way of informing them about cancellations or any other vital information, in a short notice before official communication.

Manage Destinations

As highlighted earlier, Travel as a King App enables you to add Points of Interest (POIs). They have the actual coordinates of destinations, which enable the location to be viewed directly via Google maps. However, POIs are more than just coordinates. They also contain additional details about the destinations. You can elegantly display photos of the locations, add names, cities, and categories such as Amusement park to the POI. All this information is then accessible to your travellers enabling them to get detailed info about all their destinations. This is also great for your team as it simplifies the task of creating and managing tour destinations, and they can easily be reused for similar tours.


Due to many people such as drivers and tour guides being involved in the process of organizing and coordinating tours, there is a need for delegating the responsibility of managing tours. Thankfully this is possible through the app. You could add a tour admin that can facilitate communication and management of tour details, relieving the burden of addressing tourist needs from people who are not directly involved in the tour, and enabling them to conveniently address your client’s queries.


Communication is necessary throughout the tour process. Travelers may have queries about reservations, timelines, tours, or any other activities. The need for communication is not only a necessity, but it can prove to be a great tool to enable your travelers to engage with each other and build up social relations, making the tours more enjoyable for them. With the TLAK app, you could achieve just this through the Group Chat feature. One of the major benefits of the group chat feature is that it is directly accessible within the app, and therefore regardless of which type of platform your users run the app on, (Android / iPhone), they can easily communicate without having to rely on any third-party chat apps. Coupled with the delegation, the group chat feature can also save a lot of resources such as time, for travelers won’t have to keep contacting customer service agents or calling hotels and other parties that may not be directly involved with the tour. Tourists can directly contact the tour admin in case of any queries.


The TLAK app provides means through which you could propose tours to your travellers. The ability to market tours could help you deliver a more holistic experience for your travellers as they would probably want to make the most out of their trip, and it also provides an opportunity for your travel agency to earn additional income. The TLAK app can enable you to facilitate marketing through the upcoming tours tab. You could add details about the destination for your travellers to view. Through the Optionals tab, you can also offer additional tours that some of the tourists may consider and purchase. Both features could greatly boost the process of marketing your tours.

Organizing Tours

Organizing is one of the key functions performed by tour operators. This process may involve contacting hotels, liaising with travel agents, car rental services, airlines, parks, and many other parties that may be involved. Without a travel app, all the complexity of dealing with tours may be boiled down to your travelers and therefore make the tours unpleasant, as they may have to deal with communicating with hotels personally, at the same time trying to coordinate with car rental services, they may be confused on who to contact, what packages to buy and it may be much difficult for them to even purchase additional packages due to the nature of complexity they have to deal with. A huge benefit of using the TLAK app is that order is given to this complex process and everything becomes neatly organized and accessible on a single platform reducing friction in the process of planning and execution of tours.

An Out of The Box Travel App Solution

The TLAK app will be a great way to get your organization up and running with a travel app. You won’t have to worry about building and maintaining a travel mobile app for your travellers to use. Developing a travel app is a costly affair and may take considerable effort and time. With a customizable travel agent app like TLAK, you don’t have to worry about implementing data storage, renting servers, and managing databases, among other tasks you would have to consider when implementing your travel app. It provides a simple interface for your travellers to also easily get started and excellent features such as POIs, and Group chat, you won’t need additional software to manage client data and facilitate communication during tours. It is a much cheaper alternative and the best way to deliver a customizable, and comprehensive Travel App experience for your travellers. Save on cost and time.


TLAK can greatly streamline your tour operations through a variety of features it offers. This can be of great benefit to both your team and travellers as it provides a lot of convenience in managing tour information and keeping things up to date. The app as highlighted earlier can facilitate communication during tours; provide a channel for marketing upcoming tours; delegating the responsibility of managing a tour to your tour manager; conveniently managing info on destinations, flight, and hotels. All these and much more, the TLAK app provides to streamline tours for both you and your travellers regardless of the nature of your tour operations.

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