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Tour Operations Management

Tech is evolving at a staggering rate. Modern travelers enjoy round-the-clock connectivity and increased productivity from their mobile devices while they’re on a trip. As a result, they now expect much more from the travel experience. TLAK is designed with this in mind. It’s a mobile engagement solution that helps tour organizers and travel business owners to create new opportunities to engage the traveler across the entire trip. It does this with the help of sophisticated itinerary management and real-time messaging capabilities. In today’s day and age, efficiency plays a significant role in the whole process. With its unique features and services, TLAK gives its users the ability to manage and run their travel business in a very efficient manner. To describe a few features that can assist the travel business owner in running the travel operations are briefly described as follows.

Increase Traveler Engagement

Provide a sophisticated end-to-end itinerary management solution that gives you regular touchpoints with the traveler.

Save on Time and Money

Using the automation capabilities and real-time alerts, you can save your agents several hours per day on manual overheads.

Provide A Better Experience to The Customers

With more self-serve features, agencies can provide a smoother experience for the traveller and reduce the need for support calls.

TLAK gives you a wide array of features that you can use to provide your customers with a travel experience that will make them want to use your services again, which ultimately leads to a high probability of retaining your customers. Some of these key features are as follows:

• Keeping Your Travelers Engaged

Give your travellers peace of mind by delivering the right content at the right time to the right person. The travellers using TLAK can login using a passcode that will be provided by the tour operators and this enables you to send push notifications and message updates to travellers about flight alerts, trip updates, cancellations, or any other changes.

• Modernize Your Itinerary and Trip Management

Help your travellers with master itinerary management. Our platform uses rich itinerary information to provide users with critical details about their trips. This includes dynamic trip changes in real-time for flights and hotel bookings. TLAK provides 8 days weather forecast for the location of your trip.

Showcasing and Promoting Your Own Brand

TLAK provides you with a unique opportunity to promote your travel services to a broader client group than ever before. You can use TLAK as a platform to showcase your brand. This allows you to provide a very personal touch to your clients. Apps are portals through which clients can access practical travel information. Today’s apps have become essential marketing and service tools. Tech Savvy companies utilize apps to keep and retain clients, and to provide the excellent and far-reaching assistance their clients expect.

• No Payment Until You Activate The Tour!

TLAK has no hidden payments or charges. You can start making the tour and we will help you with the process. You don’t have to make any sort of payment and once you are done with everything, starting from creating the destination points of interest, uploading the documents of the travelers and creating the itineraries, you’ll only need to make a payment when you want to activate the tour.

• Adding Point of Interests with Ease

TLAK gives you the ability to add point-of-interest very easily, you simply need to enter the name of the place on an interactive map. As soon as you press the letter suggestions will start showing up on the bar and you can choose the one that you want to select. After this, the latitude and the longitude of both the point of interest will be automatically added along with other important information.

• Selecting the Destinations

This is an easy step with TLAK, since you have already added Points-Of-Interests, the destinations will start showing up when you enter the names. You will get a complete list of destinations, and all you have to do is select the ones that will be included in your departure.

• Integrated Social Elements

In the present digitized, ever-associated world, you can’t disparage or overlook the effect of online networking stages for voyagers to the interface, share, suggest and assess tour operators. All things considered, it’s a higher priority than any time in recent memory to integrate social elements within your application to ensure consumer loyalty and guarantee your one-time traveller changes into a recurrent client. Supporting travellers to survey their experiences either on your site or one of your online networking stages by means of a subsequent email or other automated customer service application furnishes your organization with valuable input that can be used to make the travelling experience better for your customers. This technique can separate one travel company from the other in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

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