How TLAK Helps to Travel Agents and Travelers

TLAK For Travel Agents & Travellers

The principle reason for TLAK is to bring the tour operator and travel agents together and provide assistance that paves a path for a successful and growing travel business. The Tour operator utilizing TLAK has access and control over all the tasks. It enables you to deal with your day by day travel activities. The individual or the group controlling the administrator panel can make complete travel plans, which incorporates all the data about the travellers, the flights, hotesl, and the tour agents. The whole purpose of the app is to make things easier for the people running the travel business and the customers using the application.

In today’s day and age managing the travel processes can be a cumbersome thing to do their allows elements that need to be taken into consideration during the whole process. From adding every passenger to uploading their documents and creating the itineraries it can get pretty hectic if you don’t have the right tools to do the job. This is where TLAK steps in, with its innovative features you can manage your travel-related activities and business and much more simplified and well sorted out manner.

Access Everything at A Single Place

If you are running a travel business where you have to deal with a large number of clients then you might understand how complicated it can get at times. But with TLAK, this becomes very easy as you have access to the admin panel and you can easily find all the information about the travellers, which also includes their travel documents and other things at a single place. This makes it very easy to handle the travel operations as everything is right in front of your eyes in one place and you can make changes whenever you feel like. You can add unlimited number of travellers and all their documents are safely uploaded and secured. So, no more worries about keeping paper documents anymore. This is a significant section as each tour operator realizes that it is completely basic that all the essential travel documents are prepared before the travel starts. It very well may be a problem on the off chance that you are working with a big tour group. In TLAK you can without any difficulties upload the documents of different individuals in an exceptionally simple way. You simply need to add the name of the document and upload it in a valid format and you’re done. You can also make changes to them if need be.

Ability to Create Informative and Detailed Itineraries

You can create a very detailed itinerary with TLAK admin panel. You can choose the day and you can add information about all the activities that will be taking place on that particular day. This can be done for the complete duration of the tour then you even get the option of adding pictures of their own choice which are related to the activities of that day. This section is very important as it gives the travellers the ability to get information about each and every day of the tour, but also include the inclusions and other activities only taking place on that particular day.

Engage and Reach Out to Your Clients via Notifications

This component will give the travel operator selective choices to interface with the tour guide and the travelers.

• Scheduled Notifications

These Notifications can be pre-planned and will be sent to the travellers when the tour operator needs them to. You can simply fill in the time and the date when the notification should be sent. You get the option off including several pre-scheduled notifications.

• Location Based Notifications

These Notifications are possibly conveyed to the travelers when they are in the span of a specific travel point. The travelers will naturally get the Notifications when they are in a pre-indicated range of the travel point.

Instant Notifications

Instant notifications allow the tour operator to send a message to the travellers regarding any piece of information that might be crucial. It could be related to the tour or not.

Benefit From Our Integrated Hotel List

The tour operator can utilize our integrated hotel list, which makes it simple to fill in the hotel data. In the intuitive guide, you simply need to type the name of the hotel in the inquiry bar and pick the hotel. Doing so consequently fills in the subtleties like, the name of the Hotel, the pictures of the hotel, and other information like the latitude and longitude.

Flight Information

You can fill the basic information about the flight of the passengers. This includes, the airline code, the flight number and the flight date. The information regarding the status auto-updates and the changes can be viewed on the application and the passengers also get notifications about the status of their flights 2 days prior to the start of their tour.


This section allows you to add the details of the important people that are associated with the tour and who can be contacted by the travellers in case of any need. This is an important feature that gives the traveller to get in contact with the tour operators or the travel agents.

The travel business owner only has to make a payment after he decides to activate the tour, prior to this there are no charges whatsoever and yes that’s absolutely true! The payment part only comes in when you are ready to activate your tour. So, this gives you a major upper hand as other travel assistance applications will prompt you to make a payment in the beginning. These and with a plethora of other features, TLAK can help you handle and manage your travel business in a very efficient manner.

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