TLAK: Your Own DIY Platform For Travel Operations

DIY Platform For Travel Operations

Managing travel operations has always been a challenging task to do. There are various parameters that need to be taken care of when you are managing a travel operation. A fault at any part of the process might become the reason for a lot of inconvenience. In a competitive and cut throat travel business market you need the right tool that will assist you in streamlining your travel operations. Created by WAT Consulting Services especially for travel business owners and destination management companies, TLAK or Travel Like A King is an application that will make managing your travel business as easy as pie. Loaded with a plethora of brilliant features that will help you save a great amount of time and man-power. TLAK is the perfect DIY platform for travel operations. You can create complete tours in a short amount of time, without any margin for errors. What makes TLAK different form other travel assistance applications is that you use TLAK or create departures without having to spend any money! There are a lot of features that will assist you in managing your travel operations smoothly but below mentioned are the key features of TLAK:

1. Pay and Use Application

All the travel assistance applications available in the market today will charge you for using their application; on the other hand TLAK doesn’t prompt you to make any sort of payment. There is no hidden payment of any sort, and you don’t have to make one until you have created a complete tour along with all the information and you are feel that you are ready to publish it. Only at that moment will you be asked to make a nominal payment which depends on the number of travelers and the tour managers that will be present on the tour. The charges are slightly different for domestic and international travelers.

2. White Label Application

Who wouldn’t like the opportunity to pay a minimal amount of money for an application and completely use it as your own? TLAK is in the rare segment of travel operation assistance application that is White Labelled. When you opt to use TLAK you also get to benefit from the amazing opportunity to showcase your application to all your clients. The name of your company and the travel agent will be displayed on the application. This provides a very personal touch and allows you to use TLAK as your own.

3. Itinerary Builder

TLAK provides you with one the best itinerary builder that gives you the ability to create very detailed and informative itineraries for your clients. You can create an itinerary for each day of the tour, furnished with all the necessary details. You can do this all on your own, in a very simple and easy manner. Creating a detailed itinerary is more engaging for your clients and it creates anticipation about the place they will be visiting and also gives them the crucial information about the place. Not only this you can also add the inclusions and exclusions in the itinerary, that include the tickets or the meals on a particular day of the excursion. The itinerary builder is one of the salient features of TLAK that differentiates it from other travel assistance applications.

4. Tracking of Multiple Tours

The travel business owners managing multiple tours can understand that it can be nightmarish if you are unable to know the process or whereabouts of one of your tours. TLAK has the perfect solution for that. All your clients and tour managers that are on a tour are using the TLAK mobile application, this allows you to track the location and progress of the tour if any one of them is connected to the internet. This is a very helpful feature and you can track multiple tours at the same time simultaneously which gives you a proactive approach on keeping an eye on all your active tours.

5. Paperless Documents

This feature not only helps you save on previous paper, but is also much more efficient and helpful than carrying loads of paper documents. Everyone in the travel business understands the importance of travel documents, the travellers need to have each and every document that is necessary for the trip, and failure to possess them will certainly create a lot of problems. You can forget all the worrying about the documents when you use TLAK as you can easily upload all the imperative travel documents of each and every passenger. After you are done with this process then your passengers can access their documents on the TLAK mobile app. This ensures that all the travel documents are readily available with all the travellers and they can use them when the need be. After the documents have been uploaded then the travellers have to be connected to the internet at least once after which the documents are saved on the phone for offline use. This is another great feature that allows travelers to view and use the documents even when are not connected to the internet.

6. Better Engagement With In-App Chat

TLAK comes with the feature of on app collaboration that allows the participants of your tour group to stay connected to with you and chat with the fellow tour group members as well. This is also a great way to get feedback as your clients can directly message you or the tour operator, thus providing you with the opportunity to provide a better service to your clients and improve the overall travelling process. By the help of this feature the travellers can also share the pictures and videos of the trip with other members of the tour group. This also increases the engagement with your clients and keeps all the members of the travel group connected.

There are several more beneficial features that are present in TLAK especially created for the travel business owners to manage their operations. TLAK is truly a DIY application as you just have to follow the steps and create a tour by yourself or with minimal help. All the travel operations can easily be managed and handled through TLAK in a hassle-free manner. All these great features await you in TLAK, and you can benefit from them at a very low cost. You can try the application first and then use it when you feel satisfied, then you can pay and use it. TLAK is revolutionary tour operation management app that was created specifically keeping in mind the needs of the travel businesses owners and destination management companies, using it will not only increase your efficiency, managing the overall travel operations but will also increase your revenue. So, use TLAK now and see how it can benefit your business. It is very simple to use and even if you face any problems then our helpdesk will be there to assist you with every step of the way. You can Login using a passcode (tlktst-moscow4N, tlktst-manali4n) that allows you to use the application for free. Download TLAK application from Play Store & App Store.

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